About Bellingham + Stanley

Over one hundred years ago Leonard Bellingham and Frank Stanley were pioneers in the development of high quality optical instruments. The company they founded is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refractometers and polarimeters. At key stages in its history, Bellingham + Stanley achieved notable advances in the fields of refractometry and polarimetry, producing innovative designs and breakthroughs in technology that are used extensively around the world. This tradition of excellence and innovation continues today at the purpose-built manufacturing facility in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom and Sales & Service Centre in Atlanta, USA.

B+S Process Instruments

The drive to make manufacturing processes more efficient has created the demand for in-line instrumentation. This new division of Bellingham + Stanley was established in the late nineties to focus on the particular needs of in-line monitoring and process control.

On-line applications extend from simple interface detection and final concentration recording at the filler of a juice packaging line to the monitoring of sugar blend ratios in confectionery plants. Latest In-tek (in-line) systems provide continuous monitoring and control of engineering fluids in bulk storage tanks and provide the basis of our effluent systems.

Authorized Distribution Partners

Bellingham + Stanley is represented extensively all over the world. Outside the UK over 100 distributors have been appointed in countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Far East and Australasia. These companies are carefully selected and trained to provide technical advice on all products and to offer a local servicing facility to customers. This network of outlets is fully supported by experts in Tunbridge Wells and Atlanta, including regular overseas visits. The Company holds training courses for distributors covering the technology, products and servicing of instruments.

For more information and a full product catalog, please visit www.bellinghamandstanley.com.