Diagnosing Diaphragm Pump Rapid Cycling

What happens when a diaphragm pump operates very close to its shut-off pressure? Is your pump making a clicking sound? Here we'll tell you why it's making that sound and what you can do about it.

Diagnosing Diaphragm Pump Rapid Cycling 2:10

Mike: Hi, welcome to this episode of jabscotech, I'm Mike Irving.

Paul: And I'm Paul Campagna.

Mike: And today we're talking about diaphragm pumps. Paul?

Paul: Yep. Today we're going to take a couple of short videos of a pump, very rapid cycling, which is a pressure switch clicking on and off. And then we're also going to just show you a video of a pump operating normally.

Mike: Yep. And the reason we want to show you this is because the pressure switch, if it's clicking on and off real quick, it could lead to the pump prematurely failing, so check out these videos.

All right, Paul, open her up. See, this is what you want to hear. A nice smooth flow. No clicking. This is a normal operation for the pump.

What Paul's going to do is he's going to go from a normal operating condition down to a very rapid cycling condition. Go ahead, Paul.

That's normal. And this is the very rapid cycling condition. You hear that pressure switch clicking? That's turning on and off real quick. That means the pump is running very close to its shut off pressure. And if you run this long enough, it could lead to premature failure of the pump. Cool, Paul, that was pretty cool. What do you think?

Paul: I think it was great. Two great videos there, Mike. One of the pump in normal operation and one with the pressure switch very rapid cycling.

Mike: So if you do have that very rapid cycling, give the factory a call at this number. And we'll talk to you about it. The other thing is watch the video on swapping out the dampener. Now that could help you out as well. So I think we've pretty much covered everything. What do you think?

Paul: I think we did, Mike. We showed you everything and we're good.

Mike: Thanks a lot for watching this episode of jabscotech. I'm Mike Irving.

Paul: And I'm Paul Campagna.


Mike: We'll talk to you soon.