BIB FAQ: Troubleshooting a Continuously-Operating Syrup Pump

Whether it's a leak, loose connector, or air holes in the bag-in-box bag, a few things could cause the syrup pump to operate continuously in your bag-in-box (BIB) system. Here we review what to look for and how to resolve the issue.

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If you're noticing your BIB syrup pump is running continuously, there are a few things to inspect. Start by checking for leaks. Most leaks are the result of a loose BIB connector. When not seated properly, air can leak into the syrup inlet line through the area between the BIB connector and the attach point on the BIB, allowing the pump to continue to cycle.

Begin by making sure the BIB connector is fully secure and properly in place. If that does not correct the problem, check all clamps and fitting connections, making certain they're tight and leak free.

Check the BIB bag for air or a hole. If you find either, you'll need to replace the bag.

If you've done all this and the problem persists, contact a qualified technician to repair or replace system components as required.