Empowering Data-Driven Pipeline Management

How does your utility decide which pipelines to repair or replace, and when?

Age and failure history alone are not enough to make confident management decisions about critical pipelines. Assessment can provide utilities with precise data on the condition of buried infrastructure and the likelihood it will fail, now and into the future. An asset management program, driven by condition data (not assumptions), is a proven way to reduce risk, control costs, and extend the useful life of pipelines and valves. 

Developed in partnership with the American Water Works Association, this guide explores how utilities can adopt data-driven pipeline management strategies and features real-world utility success stories. 

What’s covered in this guide:

  • Building the case for pipeline condition assessment
  • Conducting an initial risk analysis and developing an assessment plan
  • Assessing and rehabilitating valves
  • Inspecting and monitoring critical pipelines
  • Analyzing data to determine where and when repairs should take place
  • Developing a plan to prioritize and address risk

Learn more about condition assessment and how it helps you stay a step ahead of pipeline management.