Flygt Grinder Pumps Flygt DXG Plus

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Product Features
  • High head: Up to 45 m
  • High flow: Up to 3 l/s
  • Smart functionality
  • Easy selection

Boosting performance

The DXG Plus system consists of a modified Flygt DXG pump and a waterproof (IP68), VFD based controller unit. Together, the system increases the maximum head with 80% compared to a conventional DXG pump and with a flow up to 3 l/s DXG Plus facilitates superior pipe cleaning and reduced sedimentation. The VFD also works as a phase convertor making DXG Plus the ideal offer for 1-phase installations, with no need for capacitors.

The DXG pump has been modified to meet the higher performance – an improved cutting mechanism ensures even better grinder capabilities to ensure non-clog operation.

Cleaner tank and high efficiency

More user friendly and smarter than ever, the control unit comes in a robust aluminum box, to be installed inside the tank. This eliminates the need for an external connection box and bulky devices above surface, minimizing the footprint.

The DXG Plus control unit steers the performance of the pump based on the flow requirements and features an automatic snoring function to completely drain and clean the tank without damaging the pump. This prevents sedimentation and fat build-up inside the tank and on the tank walls. A snoring mode before the end of the pump cycle (2 min) enables energy savings and optimized performance since it automatically delays the next start progressively from 12 (rest mode) to 72 hours (sleep mode). Thanks to its time-based operation, the system doesn’t need start and stop level switches. One high level regulator is included in the system.


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