Sensus DomoJet

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Product Features
  • Modular, with option for communications module (Radio, M-Bus, Pulse)
  • Optional OMS 4 certified Wireless M-Bus for walk by/drive by or fix network reading
  • Single-jet, dry-dial with magnetic coupling
  • Position options for installation: horizontal inclined vertical, 90° angle for register to either side

The DomoJet is the Sensus next-generation single-jet dry dial meter with multiple communication possibilities and optimized design for sub-metering applications. It provides protection against external magnetic fields in accordance with EN 14154, and it does cover the whole measuring range.

The DomoJet water meter has a modular register; prepared to take an electronic communication module (e.g., Radio, M-Bus, and Pulse).

Three different modules are available: the Domo R radio module OMS 4 certified for wireless M-Bus communication, the Domo M M-Bus module for systems in accordance with EN 13757-3 (IEC 870/EN 1434-3), and the Domo P Pulse module for digital pulses (e.g., for remote reading).

The two different versions of DomoJet are either suitable up to 30 °C as a cold water meter or suitable up to 90 °C as a hot water meter.

Benefits to You

  • Optional OMS 4 certified Wireless M-Bus in line with EED remote reading requirement
  • Installation in all positions
  • High protection against external magnetic fields
  • Register can be rotated 360°
  • Can be provided fitted with wired or radio communication module
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