MultiLine® WTW Multi 3620 IDS Multi-Parameter Portable Meter

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The WTW MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS Multi-Parameter Portable Meter can solve multiple measuring tasks at once to save time and costs. 

Product Features
  • 2 measurement channels for 4-parameter digital measurement
  • Simultaneous display of all measured values
  • Digital sensor recognition
  • Two galvanically isolated measuring inputs
  • Wireless ready

2 channels, 4 parameters, simultanously

The galvanic isolation of the sensor inputs prevents interferences of measuring signals.

Or use the new wireless modules together with new IDS plug head sensors to be independent from cables and measure even in difficult locations.

With efficient battery or mains supply, you will be able to measure cost-effectively in the field and in the lab.

The data transfer either takes place via USB stick or via an USB connection directly to a computer.

The color graphic display offers measured values as well as additional information such as sensor position, CMC and QSC. The traceability of the individual measured values is available by activating user administration on the device.

Included in the package is the MultiLab® Importer to import data via Excel® as well as the MultiLab® User (user administration).

Multiple versions:

  • WTW MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS (SKU: 2FD560)
  • WTW MultiLine® Multi 3620 SET C Set, SenTix® 940, TetraCon® 925 (SKU: )2FD56C
  • WTW MultiLine® Multi 3620 Se C, SenTix® 940-3, FDO® 925-3, TetraCon® 925-3 (SKU: 2FD56G)


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools





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