WTW SenTix® 950 Robust IDS pH standard electrode with plastic shaft

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WTW SenTix 950 IDS pH combination electrode with liquid electrolyte, plastic shaft and integrated temperature sensor, QSC function. 

Product Features
  • IDS Standard pH measurement in water and aqueous solutions
  • Digital measurement of pH including electrode quality monitoring – Perfectly suited for standard measurement in water and aqueous solutions: SenTix® 950, SenTix® 950-P, for MultiLine® IDS and inoLab® Multi IDS meters
  • Securely measured values due to signal processing in the sensor
  • Easy electrode replacement thanks to calibration data stored inside sensor
  • Sensor quality monitoring by QSC function 

Available Versions

SKU: 103750
SenTix® 950: 1.5 m fixed cable with waterproof digital connector

SKU: 103761
SenTix® 950-P: plug head for AS/IDS-x cables or wireless modules IDS WLM-S