WTW TetraCon® 700 Ex Conductivity Measuring Cell

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Product Features
  • Conductivity measurement for explosive areas
  • EX approved
  • Highest linearity through 4-electrode system
  • High measuring range
  • Suitable for stationary measurements in water/wastewater applications.

WTW TetraCon® 700 Ex conductivity measuring cell for explosive areas, with integrated temperature sensor which can be connected to StratosProA201XCond-0(-1) via open cable ends.

The principle of the measurement method makes it possible to avoid influences from primary or secondary polarization effects. This ensures a high degree of measuring accuracy.
The modern epoxy casting technique reduces the danger of breaking the conductivity measuring cell in rough industry use.

Available Versions

SKU: 302314EX
TetraCon® 700-1,5 EX - EX sensor conductivity, 1,5m

SKU: 302316EX
TetraCon® 700-7 EX - EX sensor conductivity, 7m

TetraCon® 700-15 EX - EX sensor conductivity, 15m



Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools