3 water utilities using data integration to build resilience

3 water utilities using data integration to build resilience

Saving water, reducing emissions through a single software and analytics platform.

Water utilities are responsible for managing and monitoring multiple assets and related processes across a wide variety of technologies, which often aren’t designed to work together. This limits their ability to run, organize and interconnect data. Now, water utility pacesetters are turning to innovative digital solutions to integrate their data into a single holistic platform – and gain unprecedented visibility into their systems.

Meet three Xylem customers who are using Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua, an integrated, vendor-agnostic software and analytics platform. Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua is delivering new insights to utilities to help them optimize decision-making, increase efficiency and cost savings, and improve network resilience.

1. Yorkshire Water Services

In 2020, Yorkshire Water Services (YWS) selected its Sheffield location to launch what would become the largest and most extensive smart water pilot in the UK. The utility installed 6,000 sensors, including smart meters and flow, acoustic and transient detection devices, to help prevent lost water and reduce maintenance costs.

By adopting the Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua platform, the utility has been able to securely integrate and standardize its data and turn it into actionable intelligence. The result: YWS has seen a 57 percent reduction in visible leaks and 30 percent reduction in distribution main repairs annually.

In July of 2023, the Sheffield pilot program won the prestigious Smart Water Networks Award at the Water Industry Awards, showcasing how smart technologies and digital solutions can help water utilities achieve their goals.

“The platform enables us to bring all of our data together to monitor and manage priority issues across our system in real time,” said Marc Turner, Business Change Manager: Smart Data and Analytics, Yorkshire Water Services. “This has helped us achieve significant results in reducing leaks, costs, and environmental impact.” Read more.

2. Brabant Water

In the Netherlands, Brabant Water is using Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua to gain a holistic view of its 19,000-kilometer water supply network, which serves almost 2.6 million residents and companies. The utility is working with Idrica to implement a “digital twin” that visualizes real-time data of the status of its network and the water flowing through it, providing valuable information that would have otherwise been buried underground.

“By building intelligence into our existing assets, we get more visibility into our networks and a greater understanding of our operations,” said Hanneke van de Ven, Sector Director of Distribution at Brabant Water. “It will help us make a major step in optimizing our operations and in the end better serve our clients.” Learn more.

3. Buffalo Sewer Authority

In Buffalo, New York, Buffalo Sewer Authority (BSA) faced the challenge of reducing nearly two billion gallons of annual combined sewer overflows (CSOs) impacting its receiving waterways. With limited funds and aging infrastructure, BSA embraced innovative technology and implemented a real-time decision support system (RT-DSS) in partnership with Xylem.

The Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua integrated software and data analytics platform is optimizing existing infrastructure and transforming Buffalo's massive gravity sewer system into a managed conveyance and storage system. Since BSA began the project, 3 billion gallons of overflow volume have been captured.

“Our real-time control program, led by the team at Xylem, has delivered more than four times the expected performance,” said OJ McFoy, General Manager for Buffalo Sewer Authority. “It is hands down the most cost-effective program in our long-term control plan.” Watch video.

Learn more about the power of integrated data management through Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua. Check out the video.