• Unleash the power of hydrovar® X

    Introducing integrated motor & variable speed drive solutions powered by hydrovar X

  • Performance, Connectivity & Simplicity

    hydrovar X solutions feature Xylem’s IE5 ultra-premium hydrovar X smart motor to provide one of the broadest efficiency ranges in the industry today!

  • Don’t hold back your imagination

    Use the start-up genie to quickly tailor the motor to a wide range of applications. Control selections and navigate menus via a full color graphical display.

  • Easy Service

    Separate quick connect components allow replacement of drive or motor independently, minimizing downtime and expensive repair.

  • Ease of Installation & Maintenance

    Integrated pump and hydrovar X motor design eliminates the need for additional wiring, labor and associated costs

Unleash the power of hydrovar® X — Bell & Gossett Product Family

Xylem’s hydrovar X line of products combines ultra-premium efficient motors with integrated variable speed drives and pumps. The result is intelligence, performance, connectivity, and simplicity in one comprehensive package, from one reliable source — Bell & Gossett.


  • Intelligent: The IE5 ultra-premium hydrovar X smart motor provides one of the broadest efficiency ranges in the industry. 
  • Simple: Built-in application software makes hydrovar X solutions easy to configure, commission, program and operate enabling virtually any configuration of pumps.
  • Sustainable: No rare earth materials are used to minimize product availability challenges and address environmental concerns while offering smart technology and superior performance.
  • Easy Service: The integrated pump and hydrovar X motor package eliminates additional wiring, labor, and costs associated with a traditional variable frequency drive (VFD) package. The hydrovar X motor features a quick-connect electrical socket between the motor and drive for rapid maintenance.
  • Built-in Protections: Integrated functions provide protection for the pump and motor while optimizing performance.
  • Condition Monitoring: Each e-1510X Smart Pump and e-HVX/e-HVXR Packaged Booster System (coming soon) is fitted with Xylem’s optimyze® sensor to monitor the health of the pump and provide early warnings of potential issues that could lead to downtime and service costs.


hydrovar X Smart Motor Specifications


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