The Aanderaa products are utilized in many different applications ranging from the deep depths of oceanography, to the highest peaks with our meteorology line. Our products are along the road characterizing traffic, on oil rigs ensuring safe working loads for cranes and on wheel loaders and excavators preforming dynamic measurements of load.


Aanderaa products have played important roles within the oceanographic community since 1966. The Aanderaa Current Meters were from the beginning known for their reliability and were early considered as "the standard" when it came to current measurements. Over the years the oceanographic product portfolios have undergone an evolution and the range of products have been broadened substantially. Today the oceanographic products are utilizing the newest technology comprising, among others, the most powerful microcontrollers and digital signal processors. Advanced software solutions and powerful processors are utilized in the data loggers, and XML– and modern Bus technology give safe and fast data transfer. Sensors are utilizing the most advanced multi-frequency acoustic technology as well as optical technology.

Ports & Harbours

Systems designed to monitor the traffic conditions into ports and on sailing fairways. Real-time Hyd/Met Systems Systems as stand-alone system or integrated to existing systems - the choice is yours we have the solutions.

Wind and current conditions real time made available over internet, AIS or integrated in VTS solutions to Harbor pilots, Ship bridges, VTS operators, Harbour Authorities and other public and governmental departments. Storage of historical data. Need to look at data from a particular time window? Now you can have it all stored locally and just clicks away on your computer. 

Road & Traffic

Road & Traffic systems for vehicle counting and classifying, with option to provide road weather conditions.

Aanderaa produces advanced traffic counting and classifying systems and road weather stations for road and traffic authorities. Traffic classifying systems from Aanderaa can utilize inductive loops, piezo electric cables and Doppler radar for detection and classification of vehicles.