Combined Sewer and Stormwater Systems

Handle varying storm and sanitary sewer loads

A combined sewer system uses the same infrastructure to handle both wastewater and stormwater. Managing highly variable loads from storms on top of daily sewage network fluctuations can prove challenging, especially for older systems. Xylem offers a broad range of solutions for collection, transport and treatment, making combined storm and sanitary sewers more effective and helping prevent combined sewer overflows.

Reduce combined sewer overflow (CSO).

CSO occurs when the system lacks the hydraulic capacity to manage simultaneous flows of wastewater and stormwater. Xylem pumping solutions address immediate needs and complement long-term planning to better manage varying inflows.

Manage costs for combined storm and sanitary sewers.

These systems typically include a high number of mechanical assets—and in many municipalities, the infrastructure for these assets is crumbling. That leads to high labor and operating costs. Xylem can help with affordable infrastructure upgrades and solutions that increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Transport and treat stormwater.

The aftermath of a storm can leave combined sewer system pumps clogged. Xylem pumping solutions move stormwater and related runoff through the collection system for treatment and return to the environment.

Temporarily store wastewater.

The hydraulic peaks of a heavy rain can overwhelm combined storm and sanitary sewers. Ask Xylem about retention basins and other solutions to even out the flows.

Prepare for stormwater flooding.

Protect your municipality and the environment with a flood mitigation plan and Xylem systems to manage inflows. Dewatering pumps are also available to combat impending floods.


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