Advanced integrated aquaculture solutions for every stage 

At Xylem, we’ve been partnering with fish farmers, OEMs, integrators, well boat manufacturers, and processing plants for decades. From broodfish to market, we understand the challenges facing the aquaculture industry. To help you control costs while enhancing your operations, we design, manufacture, and maintain a wide range of systems for every aquaculture application.
Our Aquaculture Center of Excellence has over 40 years of knowledge and experience working with land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), flow-through systems and cage farms. Within these applications nothing is more critical to your success than H2O.
Water quality, however, is getting increasingly hard to maintain and monitor. With new pathogens, more frequent algal blooms, and drug-resistant sea lice, the risks to effective production and profitable growth continue to increase.

At Xylem, our water management engineers and aquaculture experts are constantly developing smarter technologies to make your job easier – and your yields higher. From better hydraulic systems that prevent sea lice to more effective solutions for pathogens, we can help you turn your biggest challenges into new opportunities.

Land-based RAS

Land-based ras_315x200.jpg Recirculating Aquaculture Systems are complex. With up to 95% of the water in a RAS operation recycled, water quality is absolutely crucial to ensure optimal conditions and that the lives of hundreds of thousands of fish are not at stake. 

Xylem engineer's design a full range of water and wastewater management solutions to ensure safe operations of your RAS.


Featured product : Wedeco Acton PE

Land-based flow-through systems

Land-based flow_315x200.jpgWhether the intake water is from a stream, a lake, river or deep well, the flow and movement of water is crucial in a land-based flow-through system. Optimal flow rates ensure that the respiratory requirement of the species are met and metabolic wastes are flushed out.

Xylem’s reliable, energy-efficient pumping equipment protects both the health of the fish and your bottom line.


Featured products : Flygt 4600, Lowara e-NSC, WTW IQ 2020, Wedeco DURON

Cage farming

Cage-farming_315x200.jpgWhether offshore or on the coast, open water cage farms come with their unique set of challenges, including diseases, pathogens and parasites.

Xylem’s hydraulic experts have partnered with companies pioneering the latest innovations in cage design to provide pumping and treatment solutions that ensure fish welfare and minimize mortality without the use of harmful chemicals.

Featured products : Flygt 7000, WTW IQ Sensornet, Flygt 4600

Well and processing boats

Well-and-processing boats_315x200.jpgWhen using well boats for transporting live fish, the wells must be hygienic and the transport water changed regularly. 

Xylem offers pumping equipment and effective UV disinfection that provides increased biosecurity. By treating the transport water with UV, pathogenic agents are inactivated, reducing the risk of infection to cargo or the environment. In addition, using our ozone generators to add ozone to seawater for disinfection is an effective way to keep the tanks hygienic and clean.

Featured products : Flygt 3000, SMOevoPLUS, Wedeco Quadron

Processing plants and by-product handling

Processing-plants_315x200.jpgHygiene is the most important factor in a processing plant. Improper handling of fish and poor hygienic conditions can not only cause millions of dollars in losses but also have adverse effects on community members and long term reputation. 

Xylem engineers effective solutions for pumping and UV disinfection of intake water, sludge management and wastewater treatment as well as silage systems for hygienic management of waste and recovery of by-products.

Featured products : Flygt 3000, Flygt 4320

Ponds and net pens

Ponds and net pens_315x200.jpgFarming fish in a pond is a simple and inexpensive way to grow fish and has a long history. For commercial fish farming ponds, fresh water supply and efficient aeration are important to solve water quality issues. 

Xylem provides pumps for controlled water supply from a river or canal, as well as air systems with blowers and fine bubble spreaders. Aeration of the water not only increases the amount of oxygen available to the fish, it also improves the waste removal processes. Since water quality monitoring is crucial, Xylem offers instrumentation that measures water flow, dissolved oxygen and pH, as well as alerts operators to potential problems.

Featured products : Flygt Jet Aerators, YSI Hand Held Instruments, Godwin Pumps, Lowara e-NSC


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