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Product Features
  • Innovation - Game changing technology pioneers the next generation of drainage pumps
  • Performance Field - Expand performance beyond a static QH curve
  • Reduced Wear - Adapt speed to any need, no snoring or dry running
  • Reliability and Robustness - Compact design out-performs traditional drainage pumps

Bibo Alpha is a true plug and play pump, always adapting to optimise efficiency thanks to integrated intelligence.

With the increasing needs of the mining and construction industries to lower the total cost of pumping water, this pump is developed to be extremely robust, compact, stable and just as quick and easy to set-up as a traditional pump.

This is the first submersible dewatering pump that adjusts to a flow and head performance field instead of a static curve to meet the needs of any application.

This new technology provides a new level of flexibility adapted to today's and future needs in dewatering.

Flexible and Efficient - The Innovative technology creates the future standard of flexibility. With built-in intelligence Biboα will cover a range of traditional drainage pumps since it adapts speed and performance in a field instead of a static curve.


  • Reliable and Robust - Extremely robust, compact and easy to use.
  • Plug and play with no configurations needed
  • Robust design ensures uninterrupted pumping in any dewatering operation
  • Reduced wear up to 70%
    • Adapting speed to prevent snoring and dry running
    • Always run in the right direction
  • Reliable performance through built-in motor protections including:
    • Amperage
    • Temperatures
    • Phase loss and imbalance
    • Over / under voltage
    • Soft start and stop

Improved Performance
This compact 8kW pump delivers QH-performance from a 2kW up to 10kW pumps and last up to 4x longer than a traditional dewatering pump.

Improved Asset Management
Reduced inventory due to:

  • 30% fewer parts than traditional pumps
  • Since the pump covers a QH-field it enables standardization to fewer pump sizes

Improved Life Cycle Cost

  •  Increases time between service and decreases maintenance cost by up to 50%
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 60% since always operating at best efficiency point

Improved Design

  • Integrated Control System
  • High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Built-in Pressure Sensor
  • Leakage Sensor
  • Hydraulic Volute Design
  • Pump Control Unit
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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