WEFTEC recap: 3 highlights from Xylem sessions

WEFTEC recap: 3 highlights from Xylem sessions

Xylem experts share insights on digital transformation, product innovation and net zero.
At WEFTEC 2022, Xylem experts spotlighted how we’re partnering with our customers to transform water management through innovative solutions that optimize operations and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The leading water quality conference centered on the theme, “Create Connection, Transform Tomorrow.” Highlights from Xylem sessions included:

1. Showcasing how practical digital solutions are optimizing and transforming water management

In a session titled “Beyond the Buzz: Real-World Results from Data-Driven Force Main Management,” Anna Santino, Senior Condition Assessment Engineer at Xylem, spoke about how advances in condition assessment have made it easier than ever to understand force main condition. Santino also gave insights on how utilities are leveraging data to craft defensible asset management plans that maintain pipeline integrity for a fraction of full replacement costs.
“Buried infrastructure has largely operated sight unseen,” said Santino. “By integrating existing utility data with collected condition assessment data, pipeline owners can develop a defensible, data-driven asset management plan for their critical force mains.”

“While aging infrastructure is consistently ranked as a top challenge for utilities, decades of experience and data show that most force mains can be reliably managed far beyond their design life.”

Learn more about Xylem’s SmartBall and PipeDiver solutions.

2. Spotlighting Xylem process and product innovations, including industry-first leak-free certification

Xylem experts highlighted key process and solution advances that we’ve made to help our customers solve water for their communities more efficiently, effectively and sustainably. Sessions of note included:

  • Groundbreaking Certified Leak-free Bypass Techniques – Xylem introduced leak-free certification for perfect bypass solutions – an industry first. Built on our full-service bypass design process, this Pure Technologies SmartBall leak detection solution is combined with our proven Godwin dewatering products and accessories to deliver the only minimally invasive, certified leak-free system available. This innovation helps utilities mitigate risk, maintain regulatory compliance and advance their sustainability goals, among other benefits. Presented by Alexandra Wells, PE, Xylem Client Services Manager, and Joey Guerrero, National Account Manager.
  • Next-Generation Clarification Process to Address Surface Water Challenges – Over 50% of drinking water originates from surface water sources that are impacted by climate change, industrial run-off and rapid urbanization. Inclined lamella clarifiers help water operators increase water production more affordably. Xylem has developed Texler, an innovative lamella clarifier using HDPE side panels and geomembrane lamellas that replaces heavyweight and costly stainless-steel plate settlers, increases clarification area within a smaller footprint, and reduces construction costs.

    Texler lamella clarifiers also provide a significant benefit over steel products from a sustainability perspective, since the lightweight design and manufacturing process generate 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Presented by Matt Schomaker, Regional Manager, Western North America.

  • Next-Level UV Disinfection Solutions – The Duron 8, introduced at WEFTEC 2022, is the next generation of Xylem’s open channel UV disinfection technology. Our new product offering includes updated product features including more powerful Ecoray UV lamps and a more flexible module lamp arrangement that allows for more efficient designs and cuts overall installation and operational costs by over 25%. Presented by Ralph Franco, PE, Director of Engineering Treatment, North America.

3. Advancing the conversation on the race to net zero for water utilities

Austin Alexander, Vice President, Sustainability and Social Impact at Xylem, explored the practical approaches that global utilities are using to cut greenhouse gas emissions quickly and affordably, in an Innovation Pavilion session titled “Net Zero: The Race We All Win.” The presentation also featured examples of water sector pacesetters in the race to zero. Xylem recently released a new paper that helps utilities map the route to decarbonization and includes actionable tips to get started and accelerate their net zero journey.

“Much of the technology we need exists and is relatively easy to leverage right now, while complying with regulatory requirements," Alexander said, speaking about the water sector’s net zero potential.

"Additionally, we are seeing more and more innovative technology enter the water space. This means as a sector, we have a real and immediate opportunity for water to be one of the fastest sectors to decarbonize.”
Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s corporate social responsibility program, also held a Watermark WEFTEC activity, inviting conference attendees to join our “Make Your Mark” challenge by pledging to plog (pick up litter while walking or jogging), plant native species or help remove invasive species in their community, help with research on a local watershed, or make a donation to EarthEcho, a Xylem partner and leading NGO that engages young people to make an impact in sustainability and conservation. Xylem Watermark made a $5 donation to EarthEcho for each person who submitted a pledge.
Learn more about Xylem Vue, Xylem’s digital platform.

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