Bottled Water Dispensing & Mobile Applications

Reliable Water Systems for on the Go

Whether you are running a food truck, a pop-up café, or a mobile coffee cart, a reliable, efficient water system is an integral part of your business. It has to have all the same functionality as a permanent location, delivering water to sinks, taps and beverage dispensing equipment. In fact, your water system must be FDA approved before it can pass inspection.

Xylem’s Flojet brand specializes in bottled water dispenser systems for low-volume mobile applications. Backed by a global network of distributor partners and decades of proven industry expertise, our wide range of pumps, accumulator tanks can help you serve a consistent taste experience.

Bottled Water Dispensing


For any food and beverage operation that lacks a direct main, our Flojet motor-driven diaphragm pumps and accumulator tanks provide easy access to clean freshwater wherever there is an available bottled water source. Simply connect a water bottle to the Flojet system and use it with coffee or tea makers, refrigerators, ice makers, water dispensers, or anywhere potable water is needed.

Hand Wash Stations / Disinfection Stations


Good hand hygiene is more important than ever. For portable sinks and hand wash stations in outdoor settings where plumbing connections are not available, our wide range of Flojet pumps and accessories deliver reliable demand-driven flow and steady pressure.

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