SonTek FlowTracker2 Software



Product Features

V 1.7 — 06MAR2020

Graph, view, analyze, and edit data collected with the FlowTracker2 instrument, and generate reports using the Windows-based FlowTracker2 software. Station data as well as point measurements can be edited, yet the original data file will always be preserved. View beam checks and perform many other diagnostic and QC checks whose criteria can also be manipulated in software settings. Generate or edit template files in the office which can be uploaded to the FlowTracker instrument and used to save time in the field. Export data to *.CSV format or import the FlowTracker's open-souce JSON files directly to databases.

March 2020 improvements include:

Handheld keypad programming modification to prevent accidental and unintended keypad lockup. Recommended for all users.
Handheld electronics revision resulting in an expected battery life of approximately 11 hours of continuous use under normal operating conditions.

You can also:

1) Samples Tab in the FlowTracker2 desktop software display each point velocity measurement time series. The user will be able to view the variables time series data displayed on the handheld during a measurement.
2) Pressure sensor operation was incorporated in both the handheld and desktop software. Features include pressure sensor calibration, pressure and water depth time series and pressure sensor depth guide to name a few.
3) Automated BeamCheck plot with pass and fail criteria was added to the PDF report to quantify the instrument operation and measurement conditions.
4) The ability to create bulk templates in flowTracker2 desktop software from a CSV file.
5) More traceability during post processing. Stations that are removed from the measurement will be highlighted in red in the summary and PDF report.

FlowTracker2 software includes language support for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, Polish, Catalan, Romanian and Greek. A built-in multi-language translator tool can be used to customize software for additional languages and regional terminology.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or newer
  • 1GHz processor or better (2 GHz recommended)
  • 2GB memory (4GB recommended)
  • 500 MB available disk space (1GB recommended)
  • Monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution, or better