Leopold Type S Recycled Materials Underdrain

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Product Features
  • Reduces environmental impact while maintaining durability for wastewater applications
  • Green, but committed to quality
  • Superior media cleaning
  • Cost-saving installation and operation
  • Forgiving level tolerances

The Type S recycled underdrain for wastewater applications is manufactured from post-consumer recycled resins which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 71% for HDPE. The use of recycled plastic reduces total energy consumption by 88% for HDPE.

Materials Testing Results Exceed Original Underdrain
Type S underdrain, fabricated from recycled HDPE materials, meets the same stringent tests as the original Type S in strength, durability, reliability and performance. The recycled and original HDPE underdrains were comparatively tested for both short-term and long-term, simulating the worst-case applications.

The Type S is ideal for installations requiring longer laterals and applications with wide ranges of air and water combination. It features superior air scouring and water backwash performance. It’s well suited for wastewater treatment solids removal and denitrification filters (elimi-NITE®).

Superior Media Cleaning
The Type S design addresses low pressure zones clogging the orifices through a patented built-in water recovery channel; this ensures uniform and continuous airflow across all the top-deck orifices allowing water to re-enter and equalize the low-pressure areas.

Cost-Saving Installation and Operation
Forgiving installation tolerances means simpler installation and lower construction costs. Improved filter performance provides cleaner water and longer runs between backwashing which impacts lower operating costs of filtered water required.

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Industries & Applications

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