Flygt BIS-1 biogas support system

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Product Features
  • Suitable for use with 'new-build' and existing biogas digesters
  • Easy adjustability of mixer height or angle without opening the digester roof or hatch
  • Quick and easy to install, reducing installation costs by up to 40% according to Xylem tests
  • Patented guide bar connection – guarantees a secure and durable guide bar connection, minimizing vibration and thereby maximizing system longevity
  • Intermediate support enables mixer to pass over an intermediate wall bracket smoothly without obstruction
  • Compatible with locally supplied guide bars
  • Mixer maintenance procedure is quick and safe, keeping system downtime to a minimum
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant – engineered to withstand minimum 5 years of demanding inspection​

Offering easy installation and operation of submersible mixers in biogas digesters

Flygt submersible mixers installed on the BIS-1 biogas support system creates a complete mixing system for biogas digesters that ensures proper digester operation and reliably maximizes gas production with minimum installation, maintenance and service time.

Optimizing biogas digestion operation

​The Flygt BIS-1 biogas support system was engineered to support critical functions for optimal biogas digestion operation including the ability to:

  • move the mixer up and down on the guide bar without opening the digester roof or hatch
  • rotate the mixer +/- 45 degrees in the horizontal plane without opening the digester roof or hatch
  • simply lift the mixer out of the digester without emptying the tank

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