Sensus PolluWatt™ Duo II Thermal Energy Meter

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Thermal Energy Meter and Integrator

The PolluWatt™ Duo II thermal  energy meter and totaliser successfully combines a high-performance energy meter and three integrated, freely programmable analogue outputs (0/4 – 20 mA) in one housing.

Use the PolluWatt Duo II  to complete the heat measuring point with almost all the usual volume measuring units and temperature sensors that are currently used in the field.

Depending on the type and size of the volume measuring unit foreseen, the valence of the incoming volume signal is programmed at the factory before delivery. For measuring points in which the volume measuring unit is built into the heating, PolluWatt Duo II can be acquired as a supply calibrated variant.

For cooling devices there is a variant with national cooling meter approval according to K7.2.

The PolluWatt Duo II is used for energy metering in split systems which are equipped with passive pulsed flow meters and 2-wire or 4-wire Pt500 temperature sensors. In most cases PolluWatt Duo II is used with the following flow sensors:

  • Multijet meters: Qp 0.6 – 10 m3/h
  • Woltman meters: Qp 15 – 600 m3/h
Product Features
  • In order to guarantee connection to current systems for the long-distance transmission of measurement data, PolluWatt Duo II possesses the following outputs and data interfaces:
    • Three analogue freely programmable passive current outputs (0/4 – 20mA); an external supply is needed for operation
    • Two outputs for heat quantity and volume signals with programmable signal valence and closure time
    • M-Bus interface in accordance with EN 1434 with variable data structure
    • Optical interface
    • Alarm relay output
  • A large number of special functions allows comprehensive evaluations and checks
  • Cutoff date programming enables the collation of 12 intermediate values of the heat quantities during a year
  • Minimum-maximum control over a longer period of time can be carried out by means of extreme value recording.
    • Recording of operational hours
    • Register’s quantity and duration of faulty states
    • Register’s date of calibration
    • Register’s date of re-calibration
    • Record number and duration of alarm states

Benefits to you:

  • Shows all measurements and information in clear text on a backlit, two-line dot matrix display
  • Operates via two user friendly buttons on the front side of the device
  • Allows the setting of parameters directly on-site without additional peripheral devices


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