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Ultrasonic Flow Sensor with Volume Pulse Output

The PolluFlow® ultrasonic flow sensor with volume pulse output has been designed for use with the PolluTherm® F Integrator for measuring heating and cooling energy. The measurement principle is based on the state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic technology offers many benefits: no moving parts, low pressure loss, wide flow measurement range and sensitive to low flow, large metering dynamics, and insensitiveness to suspended particles.

Product Features
  • External power supply (e.g. through the integrator)
  • Standard pulsed output for the integrator
  • Approval according MID Classe 2 with dynamic range 1:100 (qi:qp)
  • No moving parts in the measuring channel
  • Choice between horizontal, vertical and inclined installation
  • Wide temperature range
    • PN16: 5 to 90 °C (short-term 105 °C)
    • PN25: 5 to 130 °C (short-term 150 °C)
  • Ideally suited for e.g. “6 °C/12 °C” refrigeration systems with water as the medium
  • Very good long term stability approved by AGFW duration test
  • Extreme low energy consumption enabling a long lifetime
  • 90 °C / PN16 with calculator PolluTherm® F
  • 130 °C/PN16 with calculator PolluTherm® or PolluWatt Duo II

Benefits to you:

  • Ultrasonic principle; no moving parts in the flow sensor
  • Available sizes from qp 0.6 to qp 60 (DN15 to DN100)
  • Separately certified calculator, temperature sensors and flow sensor
  • Service-friendly design enables cost-effective reprocessing once calibration period has expired
  • Together with our PolluTherm integrator, PolluFlow offers the same handling, same module, same communications and same operation
  • Horizontal, vertical and inclined installations available in all sizes
  • Very good long term stability approved by AGFW duration test on the PolluFlow flow sensor


  • Approved in accordance with EN 1434 and MID in Class 2 with dynamic range 1:100 (qi:qp)
  • 1L or 10L pulsed output for calculator depending on sizes
  • Material for flow sensor brass (qp 6 … 10 m³/h), grey cast iron (qp  15 … 60 m³/h)
  • Temperature range from 5-130 °C (briefly: 150 °C)
  • Installation in any position possible
  • Cable length 2,4m as standard, longer cable possible on request
  • Protection IP54 for heating, IP65 for cooling

Available as:

  • DN15 to DN 40 PN16/90 °C with threaded connection
  • DN15 to DN100 PN16/90°C or PN25/130 °C with flange connection


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