Smarter and easier

Smarter and easier

Two new Xylem products have recently hit the market – the Flygt Experior, featuring the groundbreaking N-technology, and the Wedeco TAK 55 Smart, a ready-to-use UV disinfection system for small treatment plants. Find out how they can save you time and money.

Flygt Experior

By combining state-of-the-art hydraulics, premium efficiency motors and intelligent controls, Experior offers up to 50 percent energy savings.

SmartRun™ – the all new intelligent control

The new SmartRun is a pre-programmed control system with all-new patented functions dedicated to wastewater pumping stations. This makes the installation easy. The functions help save energy, ensure maximum cleaning, and reduce energy consumption by around 30 percent.

The innovative Adaptive N 

The Adaptive N-impeller is designed to move axially upwards when needed, allowing the bulkiest of rags and toughest of debris to pass through smoothly. The hydraulic pressure then returns the impeller to its original position. This axial movement reduces stress on the shaft, seals, and bearings, thereby extending their lifespan.

The N-technology modular concept 

N-technology gives you freedom to choose different modules for different needs. Choose between the standard cast iron hydraulic modules for typical wastewater applications, hard-iron modules for extremely abrasive or corrosive applications, and chopper modules for chopping long fibers or solids in wastewater.

Gear up with premium efficiency motors 

Experior comes with an optional premium efficiency motor up to 70 kW, optimized for wastewater pumping applications. Cooling technology prolongs the lifespan.


Easy and cost-efficient

The WEDECO TAK 55 Smart is a low-cost, plug-and play UV disinfection solution for small wastewater flows. Equipped with the latest ECORAY® high intensity, low pressure (Hi-Lo) UV lamps and ballast devices, the system provides reliable performance with lower energy consumption and maintenance needs. 

Fully preassembled

The WEDECO TAK 55 Smart system comes fully preassembled and allows for an easy fit into existing or new-build wastewater treatment schemes handling flow rates up to 400 cubic meters per hour (m/h) or 2.5 mega gallons per day (MGD).

Choose from five sizes

The system comes in five sizes and can be customized with different types of channel material, an automatic wiping system, and sophisticated UV monitoring and control features. For outdoor installations, Type 4X/IP66 rated cabinets are available that make a building needless.

Extensively tested

To meet the highest UV disinfection standards, the system has been extensively tested in line with the recently published IUVA protocol for the disinfection of secondary treated effluents. Moreover, it even meets the most stringent validation requirements as outlined in the US EPA UVDGM 2006.


by Simon