Flygt Pressure Sewage Systems

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Flygt Pressure Sewage Systems provide reliable, effective and cost-optimized connections for single homes or an entire development to a municipal wastewater collection network. PSS systems are especially suitable in remote locations, low-lying areas, for waterfronts, across waterways, in rocky soil conditions, in undulating terrain or flat country. The advantages of PSS are clear: Effective wastewater transportation at minimum excavation depth, minimizing the toll on the environment and inconvenience to neighbors. This smart, economic alternative to gravity feed sewage systems costs less to install and maintain. 


The complete pump station for pressure sewage systems, the Flygt Compit pump station is ready for installation and immediate connection. The well-proven design prevents collapse and provides long service lifetime. The bowl-shaped bottom and smooth inner surface of the pump station mean that it is self-cleaning and thereby reduces the need and cost of maintenance.

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Grinder Pumps

Engineered to meet the rigors of wastewater systems, Flygt grinder pumps feature a unique impeller for optimum hydraulic performance. The pumps also incorporate a heavy-duty cutting device that grinds solids into 5x15-mm particles for easy transport through small-diameter pipes, thereby eliminating the risk of clogging in e g PSS systems. Utilizing well proven technology in cities around the world, our pump ensures longer motor life, longer service intervals, and premium performance.

Two grinder pump types are normally used for PSS – centrifugal and progressive cavity grinder pumps.

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PSS- Controls

The Flygt PSS controllers are compact and robust controllers that you can modify and accessorize according to your pump station’s specific needs. Features such as display, communication, outdoor cabinet or other accessories can be added as needed. For constant monitoring of your pumping station from a distance, the Flygt controllers keeps you informed at all times. Alarms are displayed locally in the alarm log and are instantly delivered via SMS or to a SCADA system.

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