Outdoor Packaged Pump Stations

Flygt Outdoor Packaged Pump Stations are prefabricated and available in a range of designs and sizes, all supplied complete with the necessary materials and equipment to allow ease and speed of installation and commissioning.

Flygt Packaged Pump Stations use a simple, minimal design concept ideal for civil works, which require the reduction of labor-intensive tasks and quick installation.



Every Flygt station comes preassembled with Flygt discharge connections, valves, discharge piping, with inlet and outlet connections that meet your site requirements. Stations are made of either glass fiber reinforced polymer (GRP), a strong, lightweight material with superior resistance to corrosion, or poly-ethylene (PE) for smaller stations. Installation of the pump station and Flygt pump is quick and easy.

  • Flexible valve and pipe configurations: Adapt to site requirements to optimize the pump station outlet
  • Twin guide bars: Facilitate the raising and lowering of the pump
  • Integrated discharge connection: Holds Flygt pumps and discharge piping assembly securely in place on the sloping sump floor
  • Optimized geometry, minimal floor space, and self-cleaning capabilities eliminate sludge build-up and sedimentation on the sump floor, reducing the need for maintenance

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Outdoor Pumps

Renowned for reliable non-clogging operation, Flygt pumps are the revolutionary hydraulic heart of the pump station. Choose your capacity and type from Flygt grinder pumps to self-cleaning Flygt N-pumps. Every Flygt pump is tested in the factory to ensure high performance and premium quality.

  • More than 500,000 installations of Flygt N-pumps worldwide
  • Clog-free and self-cleaning performance minimizes unplanned maintenance costs
  • Sustained high efficiency reduces energy costs by 25%

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Flygt controllers are available for the entire range of pump stations, from the smallest pressurized pump station to the more complex wastewater pump station or treatment process. They are designed to make the pumps provide the highest system efficiency, provide you with relevant data and avoid pump breakdown. The Flygt controllers have powerful, unique features designed specifically for wastewater and built in as standard. This means you'll reduce energy consumption and save maintenance costs. With a Flygt pump controller, you are maximizing the potential of your pump station.  

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