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  • Flygt Large Pumping System

    A solution for high capacity pumping applica­tions to ensure continuous operations, reduce energy consumption and overall costs.

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Flygt Large Pumping System

Solving day-to-day operational challenges

Ensure continuous operation with proven clog-free technology, efficiently cooled IE3 motors and real-time data from integrated sensors keeping track of wear. Reduce energy consumption and overall costs with sustained high efficiency from self-cleaning technology also reducing the risk of call-outs and unplanned downtime. Plan for service and maintenance based on run hours and duty points and save time on service with quick and easy access to the impeller through the patented service inlet.


Managing large volumes of water places high demands on reliable and energy efficient operation to achieve stable and secure flows, reduce the environmental impact and prevent flooding. Optimal energy consumption, prolonged asset lifecycle and preventive maintenance are essential to lower costs and to create sustainability.
Flygt Large Pumping System combines state-of-the-art pumping performance with a market leading supervision system. The proven track record of the N-hydraulics with its self-cleaning design provides trouble-free operation with sustained high efficiency for all types of pumping applications.
Flygt Large Pumping System offers an efficient method for dry installation with easy and safe maintenance and service features. A state-of-the-art internal cooling system assures an extended lifetime for the high efficiency motors. And the intuitive monitoring system, MAS 801, ensures optimal operation and enables preventive maintenance.

All together the Flygt Large Pumping System provides an efficient, sustainable, secure solution for critical pumping stations ensuring a peace-of-mind operation.

An integrated solution for critical stations facing unique day-to-day operational challenges.

Increase reliability and reduce energy consumption

The innovative N-technology revolutionized wastewater pumping with sustained high efficiency and self-cleaning operation, thereby enabling lower total cost of ownership.

N-technology gives you the option to customize your pump solution by choosing cast-iron, Hard-Iron, Stainless steel or chopper hydraulics to meet your specific require­ments for reliable operation. Flygt's N-Technology enables you to achieve substantial energy savings, often a minimum of 25% compared to a conventional channel impel­ler pump.

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Streamline the maintenance experience with powerful predictive analytics tools

MAS 801 is designed to further enhance the outstanding reliability of a Flygt pump with 24/7 on-site overview of pump data and continuous station health check, to detect failures before they can do damage. As part of a complete Flygt pumping system, MAS helps reduce costs over a pump’s lifetime. With three-axis vibration, current, temperature and leakage measurements to alarm of deviating values, the operator is able to take early and preventive measures. The “black-box” sensor data linking the alarm items with logged data, provides a unique fault tracing feature.

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Prevent overheating the motor

The purpose of the cooling system is to prevent overheating of the motor. There are different systems on the market for different types of installations. Closed loop cooling (CLC) is an internal cooling system isolated from the pumped media, which eliminates the risk of the motors overheating due to contamination of the cooling system. Flygt CLC guarantees industry-leading pumping performance with the latest technology providing reliable operation.

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Simplify service and maintenance

With the Flygt horizontal dry installation solution, separating the drive unit is now a fast, easy and safe operation. Time savings of up to 90% on inspection can be achieved since there is no need to disassembly the motor from the pump to access the impeller. The specially designed service solution with a balanced lifting device ensures safe handling of the motor and impeller and dramatically simplifies service and maintenance.

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