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Pareo Flygt Pareo

DCM 711
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Product Features
  • Communication via Bluetooth, WiFi, and modem
  • Smartphone app for monitoring, control, and alarms via Bluetooth – Flygt Dewatering (App Store/Google Play)
  • Ready for SCADA integration
  • 24/7 pump surveillance via the website

You don’t want to lose sleep over dewatering. In fact, you probably don’t want to think about it at all. That’s why we’ve created Flygt Pareo, a solution that lets you add intelligence to most Flygt dewatering pumps. Now your pumps can think for themselves and solve common issues automatically. It’s not just convenient – you can reduce pump wear by 70% as well as halving maintenance costs.

Building on success

Pareo is the result of decades of global leadership in submersible pumping and
monitoring and control systems. For you, it means hassle-free dewatering and the lowest possible cost of pump ownership.

Smart pumps can…

Minimize wear and reduce maintenance costs

Up to 70% due to built-in snoring and automatic rotation control

Boost reliability

Built-in motor protection regarding amperage, temperature, phase imbalance/loss and over/under voltage.

Improve visibility

Status indication on the Pareo unit and in the app, as well as improved web visibility.

Optimize management

Easy access to data plate, running data, alarm logs and monitoring of pump fleet.


Pareo enables an automated response to many of the most common issues. In case of snoring, the pump automatically shuts off. Rotation direction is automatically corrected, and thermal and voltage protection are built-in.



Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools

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Technical Product Information
Technical Product Information

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