Xylem’s complete guide to stormwater management

Xylem’s complete guide to stormwater management

A new guide from Xylem presents the key challenges communities are facing related to stormwater management. By sharing design expertise, the guide aims to help consultants, engineers and planners maximize a community’s capacity to manage stormwater. Download the free guide to get an in-depth understanding of your stormwater system.

Recently launched at WEFTEC 2018, The Complete Guide to Stormwater Management covers everything from early detection to emergency response. The 150-page guide includes detailed information on:

  • Detecting and forecasting storms
  • Pump station design
  • Stormwater detention
  • Flood control in rivers and channels
  • Pumping solutions for critical infrastructure resilience (airports, highways)
  • Flood relief.

The guide is divided into two parts. The first section examines stormwater management in dense urban environments, and the second section looks at management outside urban environments.

“For more than 60 years, Xylem’s engineers have solved a wide range of stormwater issues,” says Tomas Brannemo, President, Transport and Treatment, Xylem. “We have extensive expertise in designing cost-efficient pump stations, in protecting critical infrastructure, and in monitoring and control. Examples of our work are highlighted throughout the guide.”

Stormwater management is essential to meet new challenges

Many cities currently operate stormwater control systems that were not designed to handle rapid urban growth and climate change. This means that today these systems can get overloaded, resulting in frequent and serious flooding. It also means that there is less space to install stormwater solutions.

“This guide is our way to help eliminate the danger to people, property and the environment that severe stormwater events can cause,” says Tomas. “We also wanted to outline the many ways in which Xylem can help you solve some of the most challenging scenarios related to stormwater management, flood prevention and relief.”

The guide includes Xylem case stories on an innovative sump design in Des Moines, stormwater detention in Belgium, flood relief in North and South Carolina, flood detection at China’s Three Gorges Dam, and stormwater management at Dubai International Airport.

Download the guide: The Complete Guide to Stormwater Management

by Chad Henderson