Xylem’s guide to Stage V diesel engine regulations for portable pumps

Xylem’s guide to Stage V diesel engine regulations for portable pumps

With the EU Stage V emission standards for diesel engines soon taking effect, Xylem has developed a guide to help its pump customers with the transition. The guide provides an overview of Stage V regulations and best practices for maintaining pumps and maximizing fleet uptime. It also presents Xylem’s latest Stage V-compliant pumps and intelligent monitoring technology.

Pump manufactures that use diesel engines are required to transition to Stage V engines by the end of 2021. Xylem is leading the way in this transition, having adopted a complete set of Stage V pump solutions that maximize performance, minimize maintenance and reduce downtime.
The Stage V standards set stricter limits on emissions of carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. Stage V also introduces a limit on the number of particles that can be emitted.
“Our new ‘Stage V Diesel Engine Guide’ provides best practice guidance based on our extensive experience working with Stage V engines,” says Simon Mathias, Regional Product Manager at Xylem. “Our expertise is based on hands-on application experience and testing to simplify maintenance requirements, while ensuring longer service intervals.”
The guide covers the challenges and solutions to meeting Stage V diesel engine regulations. It explains the Stage V pollution targets and presents strategies to control Stage V exhaust emissions. The guide also includes a Q&A with Xylem engineers about operating equipment with Stage V engines, tips for effective maintenance, and a glossary explaining diesel exhaust technologies.
“We understand Stage V regulations and engine emission technology, and customers don’t need to go it alone,” says Mathias. “We are ready to guide and train customers through this process to keep their operations up and running, with minimal disruption.”

New Stage V-compliant Godwin pumps

Xylem is leading the water sector in the transition to Stage V diesel engines with the upcoming launch of two new innovative Godwin Dri-Prime S Series pumps. These four-inch models will add to Xylem’s comprehensive portfolio of Stage V-compliant Godwin S Series dewatering pumps. The pumps are designed to maximize performance, minimize maintenance and downtime, and meet the most stringent EU and UK diesel engine regulations.
In addition, the newest generation of Xylem Field Smart Technology (FST) comes standard on all S Series models. FST is a cloud-based SaaS platform for smart monitoring and control. When coupled with a Stage V engine, Xylem’s FST technology can help to mitigate issues such as unpredictable regeneration cycles by monitoring soot and load levels.

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Stage V Diesel Engine Guide: For Portable Pumps in the UK and European Markets