Uncover operational insights and make data-informed decisions with real-time water network monitoring

Water network operators are expected to efficiently manage drinking water distribution but lack necessary visibility into their systems to make data-informed decisions. These challenges present a host of real-time and long-term risks to internal operations and spending, the environment, and the utility’s relationship and reputation in the community. To optimize network hydraulics, operators don’t just need access to data — they need the resources and guidance to unlock and activate its value.

The path to optimized water network performance

Through a combination of algorithms and machine learning, Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua’s Network Real-Time Decision Support uses hydroinformatics to calibrate and optimize your existing hydraulic model. This enables the creation of a network digital twin which can visualize operating conditions, even in areas where there are no sensors, helping your utility uncover critical insights and realize the most transformative outcomes. With this information, operators can manage and correct drinking water distribution in real-time, with a clear understanding of water age, pressure and plant mix, through a single application that combines multiple data sources for maximum visibility.

Why choose Network Real-Time Decision Support?

  • Ensure regulatory compliance - Comply with local and federal requirements by monitoring water quality and pressure.
  • Increase customer satisfaction - Provide better transparency and service by reducing water main breaks and public health advisories.
  • Reduce time to resolve issues - Identify and address issues more quickly; confirm results of corrective actions taken in a timely manner.

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