We transform water so people can transform their lives
We are on a mission to help solve the world's greatest water challenges with innovation and expertise.

Let's Solve Water 

Water challenges are escalating around the world, placing communities, the environment, and our future at risk. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity.

We are a global water technology provider focused on helping our customers solve the world’s toughest water challenges through innovative products, services, and solutions based on technology and expertise. Together, we can make water more accessible and affordable and communities more resilient. 

Let’s create a world that is more water-secure and sustainable. We can lead the way.

Xylem + Evoqua — two water leaders — are now one

Together, we bring uniquely powerful capabilities to solving the world’s greatest water challenges. Uniting our complementary approaches, products, and expertise, we enable our customers to dramatically improve the way water and wastewater is used, managed, conserved, re-used and returned to nature.



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We are experts, innovators, and collaborative partners

Water changes. Our vision and values don't.

Our vision is simple. To help create a world in which water is no longer a constraint to human health, economic prosperity, or environmental sustainability.

Our work

Water is essential to life. And our life's work is water.

We transport it to places it needs to go, we treat it to make it clean, and we test it to ensure its quality.

We focus on the world's most critical water challenges.

Our customers

Our customers are our partners. They are the reason we succeed.

We work to anticipate their needs with our broad product offerings and our applications expertise.

Our employees

Our employees are inspired to make a different through innovation and influence.

By focusing on water, we are dedicated to improving people's lives.

Our shareowners

Our shareowners expect us to create value.

We strive to reward their confidence in us.


Our values

Respect for each other, for diversity of people and opinions, for the environment.

Responsibility for our words and actions, for customer satisfaction, for giving back to our communities.

Integrity for acting ethically, for doing what we say we'll do, for having the courage to communicate with candor.

Creativity for thinking beyond boundaries, for anticipating tomorrow's challenges, for unlocking growth potential.

Our vision and values provide the foundation for how we want to grow as a company as well as the inspiration for how we want to behave as industry leaders and ethical corporate citizens. 

Our strong product brands drive our business forward in moving, testing, analyzing, treating, and recycling water, and are the essential building blocks of the Xylem brand. With decades of leadership, these brands are at the core of who we are, and each is part of the new, revitalized future we’re creating together at Xylem.

Through our signature citizenship program, Xylem Watermark, we bring clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to schools and communities in emerging markets, and respond with water solutions when disaster strikes around the globe. Here's how Xylem Watermark is solving water around the world.

With greater strategic focus than ever before, a strong and experienced leadership team, a high-performance company culture, and a clear plan for short- and long-term growth globally, we are building on the strength of our history to deliver a higher level of customer service, innovation, and value — today and well into the future.