BIB FAQ: Addressing Taste Issues

When it comes to bag-in-box (BIB) dispensed drinks, the proof is in the taste. If you're experiencing issues with taste, whether it's either too weak or too sweet, this video will walk you through what to check to remedy the situation.

Bib-taste-issues 1:45

When it comes to BIB dispensed drinks, the proof is in the taste. Occasionally, the taste might not be quite right. That is either too weak or too sweet. In most instances, dealing with taste issues is fairly straightforward. If the dispensed beverage tastes too weak, check the BIB container, and replace it If it's out of concentrate.

If it's still too weak or too sweet, check that the dispense valve is operating properly, and also verify that the ratio of syrup to water meets the specifications for the syrup.

If the taste still isn't right, make sure the water pressure and syrup pressure entering the dispenser are above the minimums recommended by the valve manufacturer. Low pressure of either will result in an improper ratio of water and syrup.

If none of these actions resolve the problem, contact a qualified technician to check the ratio of syrup to water coming through the valve at the dispenser. If you find low pressure on the water side, it could be the result of a clogged filter cartridge. So have a qualified technician check and, if necessary, change the filter cartridge. If the low pressure is on the syrup side, it could mean an empty BIB container, an improper regulator setting, or a low CO2 gas supply. If the problem is with either the regulator pressure or the CO2 supply, contact a qualified technician for further assistance.