Bucknell University selects Goulds Water Technology as first in class

Bucknell University

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania USA

Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, has a reputation as one of the finest educational institutes in the United States. It recently ranked #32 among national liberal arts colleges in the 2013 U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges issue. In late 2012, the university underwent an evaluation of their current hydronic system and determined it was less efficient then desired and upgrades were necessary to provide a more reliable and efficient system.

The key challenge was ensuring that the domestic water pressure be maintained throughout three science buildings, which included the O’Leary, Biology and Rooke Chemistry facilities. Since the three buildings shared a single water supply, an effective pumping system was required to keep up with the daily demand. Bucknell University’s maintenance department, headed up by Greg Koontz, associate director for utilities maintenance, and Gary Napp, plumbing maintenance technician, were asked to find the best solution.

Orchard Pump and Supply, a distributor of on-site water, wastewater and water treatment equipment product including Goulds Water Technology was contacted to review their current system. Bill Long, territory manager, Xylem’s Applied Water Systems unit and Jeff Walls, Orchard Pump and Supply assessed the situation and recommended that Bucknell University install a pre-engineered Goulds Water Technology AquaForce skid package system with dual e-SVTM stainless steel multi-stage pumps. The recommendation was based on the systems innovative technology and design that significantly lowers lifecycle costs, increases reliability, provides a smaller footprint and facilitates greater energy savings.

Bucknell University maintenance department accepted the recommendations from Orchard Pump and Supply. The new solution provided a pump system with variable frequency drive controls to monitor flow and response and increase the output of the pump to keep up with the fluctuating demands of the three different buildings.

Orchard Pump and Supply finished installation in December 2012 and the system was soon meeting the facilities needs of 150 GPM at 127′ TDH. The new system ensures that the water supply has the ability to satisfy the needs of the building, while saving energy due to the variable frequency drive control system, which fluctuates pump power to meet demand. The new system also helps reduce operation and maintenance costs.

“The AquaForce package system is one of the most energy-efficient and best solutions and Goulds Water Technology helped us meet the standards we require. Bucknell will greatly benefit from lower operational and lifecycle costs,” said Koonz.