High profile pumping solutions for Bahrain


Prime Minister of Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain

Lowara pumps are playing a key part in water delivery within some of the most high profile developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Application: Municipal water supply

The small country is set to become a global economic centre of excellence with its $1.5 billion Financial Harbour project on the waterfront in Manama. Inaugurated in May 2007 by the Prime Minister, the scope of the project tested Lowara to its limits.

The commissions included transfer and booster pumpsets installed in the huge 53-storey dual towers – some 260 metres – as well as transfer and variable speed booster pumpsets in two 6-storey malls and submersible lift pit and tank drain pumpsets.

Lowara’s reputation in the region also helped fend off fierce competition to supply the pump technology in the redevelopment of the Bahrain City Gardens site in Manama into its World Trade Centre.

The two towers of the centre are 240 metres tall and fed with five triplex transfer pumpsets and three variable speed booster pumpsets. The commission has surpassed the consultant and contractor’s expectations for high efficiency and performance. But it’s not just commercial interests that place demands on Lowara.

The Bahrain International Circuit held its first Grand Prix in 2004, and from the outset Lowara pumps have played their part in supplying water to the track and its 45,000 spectators. In the build up to the 2007 Grand Prix in April, a replacement borehole booster system was installed and commissioned – in just two days. Two vast 580 cu metre tanks each have three ZN658 submersible borehole pumps, two on duty and one standby. With horizontal installation, the six pumps work in an alternating sequence round the clock to keep up demand. The successful installation has made a lasting impression on the client.