AVS® 470 (opt), Viscosity measuring system, basic unit

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Product Features

stand-alone: operation without PC

The AVS® 470 is a viscosity measuring device for capillary viscometers which does not require an additional PC. The article contains the basic system, equipped with one ViscoPump III for one measuring position, but no viscometer and no measuring stand.

The AVS®470 (opt) is equipped with a ViscoPump III, VZ 8561 for detection of liquid meniscus by IR light barriers. In case of opaque (non-transparent) samples, there is the alternative AVS® 370 (TC), part no. 285415708. In this device, the liquid detection is carried out by thermo-electric (TC) sensors.

According to the application, the AVS ®370 can pump the sample liquid by “suction” or “pressure” mode into the measuring bulb of the viscometer. A suitable pneumatic tube set for connecting the viscometer is chosen accordingly.

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