Better Metrology Leads to a More Affordable and Sustainable Water Supply

Water Measurement with Sensus – a Xylem Brand

At Xylem, we are here to help you improve your demand management capability as a water utility or council. Did you know that 20-40% of households have small water leakages at any one time? When a residential customer does have a leak, 40% of consumption happens at low-flow. These small leakages can account for about 10% of utilities’ consumption, and can also be hard to measure and track without the right meters resulting in:

  • Water wastage
  • Non-revenue water

Water meters with higher R-Ratio’s can be one of the first steps on the journey to operating a more optimised water distribution network.


Benefits of a Smart Metering System


TasWater found that our smart water metering system measures 8% more water consumption in comparison to its existing meter


Another customer reduced non-revenue water by 75% through better metering

What is the R-ratio?

The higher the R-ratio number, the more low-flow you catch which means you can hold people more accountable for the water they use.

Having a better R-Ratio on your water metering systems:

  • Empowers Customers
  • Reduces Non-Revenue Water
  • Defers Capital Expenditure
  • Leads to Lower Tariff Increases
  • Optimises Revenue
  • Funds new projects
  • Secures water for future generations