Automatic start-up menu

Simplifies commissioning, programming and operation by stepping the user through the various processes

Expanded ranges

Increases pump flexibility:

  • 1,5 kW 3ph 380-460V
  • From 1,5kW to 11kW 3ph 208-240V
  • Up to 4 kW 1ph 230V
Larger LCD display

Simplifies use by making the programming easier to read and by displaying additional parameters within the same page

Premium card option

Extends the standard, multi-pump I/O capability by an additional two inputs and two outputs, which optimizes the supply chain and makes product selection easy

Standard BACnet and Modbus

Provides seamless BMS integration and offers a complete set of analog and digital I/O

Embedded THDi filter

Provides better electricity quality from the grid without line reactor filters, reducing the heating of the cables and extending the lifetime of the equipment

Advanced motor control

Reduces heating via software, which protects the motor by extending its lifetime and minimizing drive losses