Smart water simplified​

Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua is the integrated software and analytics platform – built by utilities, for utilities – that enables utilities to take digital transformation to the next level, maximize every investment to identify and solve problems more quickly, operate more efficiently and deliver water more effectively and affordably to their communities.

Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua allows managers and operators to:

• Unify data, from any source, within a single, interoperable, vendor-agnostic analytics platform
• Increase awareness and control across the entire water cycle
• Optimize decision making and increase operational efficiency​
• Maximize digital investments to tackle challenges affordably and sustainably​

Let’s see how a single platform can empower your utility to simplify water management across your network.

Democratize your data from any source in one platform

Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua integrates data from all existing tools and technologies and makes that information available across the organization with a real-time view of the status of all processes and infrastructure.

The platform is completely vendor-agnostic so utilities can capture data from any source, even those that are not provided by Xylem, maximizing existing technology investments. 

Designed for the entire water cycle

From non-revenue water to flooding to treatment, Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua helps utilities address challenges throughout the system. The platform supports the needs of both utility operators and enterprise managers, providing intelligence and smart analytics at the network, plant and asset level or any customized view the utility requires. 

Reduce non-revenue water

Detect and identify water losses through leak detection and visualization of key indicators, including DMAs and virtual DMAs

Increase cost savings

Lower costs needed to achieve utility objectives by applying real-time data and controls to more efficiently utilize existing assets

Ensure resilience during extreme events

Minimize service interruptions and community impact, especially during extreme events, with increased predictive capabilities and real-time awareness

Extend Asset Life

Identify, inspect and correct asset issues from across your entire network faster and more efficiently in order to prolong asset life

Improve operations and planning

Ensure a holistic approach to network management by breaking down data silos and increasing visibility to asset performance across the water cycle





The future of smart water

A modular, scalable and vendor-agnostic software and analytics platform designed for the entire water cycle.


Optimize the processes of water collection, purification and distribution.


Optimize wastewater and stormwater networks and wastewater treatment plants to prevent problematic events.​


Discover how you can transform your utility

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