Greener Malls for the Future - Challenge Statement 4 Winner, High School Category

Isabel Ho, Sonia Lee, Zhang Haiyun

Greener Malls For The Future Video 1:07

Singapore's local statistics reveal a striking reality: the proliferation of shopping malls, averaging one every 3.5 kilometers, has led to a significant surge in energy consumption, making commercial buildings the top energy consumers in the region. Furthermore, the prevalent reliance on air conditioning systems has substantially exacerbated the Urban Heat Island Effect. Concerns about water resources are equally pressing, with the commercial sector already accounting for 55% of Singapore's total water consumption, and projections indicating a troubling upward trend.

Specifically, retail malls stand out with an estimated water usage of 1,300 liters per square meter of shopping mall area. In light of these challenges, this project aims to bridge the existing gaps in water supply and energy utilization within commercial malls in Singapore, addressing the urgent need for more sustainable and efficient practices in this sector.