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OxiTop Series OxiTop®-i IS 6 Respirometric BOD Measuring System

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The WTW OxiTop®-i IS 6 Respirometric BOD Measuring System is a modern easy-to-use instrument for BOD measurement (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). The duration can be defined between one and seven days.
The sample volume can be selected in the menu. The conversion into the corrseponding BOD value will be automatic, error-free and convenient. A small LED informs about the actual operating condition of the head.      

Product Features
  • BOD self check measurement with undiluted samples (DIN EN 1899 -2)
  • No need to convert data - direct input of sample volume 
  • Most reliable results - display of the curve at the head 
  • Measuring ranges up to 4,000 mg/l BOD possible 
  • Universal power supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Measurement duration between 1 and 7 days selectable


The heads with two colors in a modern design with adjustable numeric sample ID support the distinction between inlet and outlet.

OxiTop® Sets

OxiTop® sets including stirring platforms and accessories are available.

  • 6 respectively 12 measuring places
  • Inductive stirring platforms with program controlled operation
  • Two overflow meassuring flasks for inlet and outlet measurement
  • Including CO2 absorbant and nitrification inhibitor

Multiple versions:

  • WTW OxiTop®-i IS 6 (SKU: 208260)
  • WTW OxiTop®-i IS 12 (SKU: 208262)
  • Extension set without platform, including heads and sample bottles (SKU: 208264)
  • Extension set with platform, including heads and sample bottles 9SKU: 208266)
  • Single measuring head, grey (SKU: 208270)
  • Single measuring head, blue (SKU: 208272)
  • 2 Single measuring head, grey and blue (SKU: 208274)
  • 6 Single measuring heads, 3 grey 3 blue (SKU: 208276)
  • 12 Single measuring head, 6 grey, 6 blue (SKU: 20878)


OxiTop®-i IS 6 Respirometric BOD Measuring System
Measurement range (hPa)
500 to 1250
Selectable time span (days)
1 to 7
Selectable sample volume (ml)
22.7 ; 43.5 ; 97.0 ; 164 ; 250 ; 365 ; 432
BSB range
0 to 4000 mg/l
LCD, backlit, menu control
1 x CR 2450
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools