Wedeco BX Series UV disinfection system

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Product Features
  • Compact UV system for municipal and industrial drinking water disinfection applications
  • 2,100 m³/h (13 MGD) maximum flow rate
  • Type Approval of Norwegian Veterinary Institute 
  • High efficiency Ecoray UV lamp and ballast technology
  • OptiDose Control - Xylem's Wedeco true intensity based control philosophy using an ÖNORM-certified UV intensity sensor
  • EcoTouch - operator-friendly UV system controller with SCADA communication 
  • Chemical-free, automatic, mechanical wiping system

Easily integrated and maintained

A large portion of the drinking water used worldwide is used industrially, such as process water for food, beverage and cosmetic, as well as for rinsing and recycling processes or aquaculture. For such processes Xylem developed the compact BX UV system. Thanks to numerous available options, the Wedeco BX UV system can be easily integrated into existing treatment processes.

BX UV systems are easily maintained through simple disassembly with manual cleaning or the standard integrated chemical rinsing system. In addition, Wedeco BX equipment can be optionally fitted with an automatic wiping system, which prevents the formation of organic and inorganic deposits on the protective quartz sleeves. The result is fewer interruptions to operation since the system eliminates manual cleaning of the quartz sleeves. The chemical-free, automatic wiping system works with PTFE wiper rings; these rings are not impaired by the UV light.

The reactors can be built both horizontally and vertically into the water pipeline and are equipped with a separate cabinet. Thanks to a short design with U and Z connections, as well as a variable flow direction, the Wedeco BX system can be easily integrated into existing pipelines.

Additionally, different vessel material options (HDPE or DUPLEX) make this system also suitable for disinfection of corrosive media.

Efficient and user friendly

​For improved economics and maximum sustainability, BX units employ Xylem's Wedeco low-pressure, high output, amalgam Ecoray® UV lamps and ballasts. Used in combination with the variable power option, the Ecoray technology results in excellent energy efficiency under all operating conditions. Particularly in dimmed mode, they realize average energy savings of up to 20% compared to existing technologies.

Additionally, OptiDose, the sensor-based, real-time dose control, monitors operating conditions, including flow, UV transmittance, and UV intensity. Then, with proven control logic, OptiDose adjusts the energy consumption to the minimum needed to meet dosing requirements. No assumptions are made regarding process parameters, ensuring cost savings and disinfection confidence at all times.

Xylem's Wedeco BX Series maximizes operator usability with minimum maintenance. The EcoTouch controller unifies all sensor signals, alarms, SCADA connectivity, and OptiDose closed loop control for easiest monitoring and control.





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