Flygt Channel Impeller Pumps



  • Non-clog impellers
  • Single and multi-vane designs
  • Traditional large throughlet designs
  • High clean water efficiencies
  • ​Cast iron and optional impeller materials

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Flygt Channel impeller C-pumps are built to handle capacities of up to 3,000 l/s (48000 gpm) with motors up to 775 kW (1050 hp). The base versions of these pumps are made in durable cast iron and are intended for demanding applications such as municipal sewage and industrial effluent. Explosion-proof versions are available. The classic C-pumps with shrouded single and multivane impellers have proven themselves over the years. The smaller C-pumps are equipped with the Flygt Nevaclog® impeller, which has large free passage solids-passing properties. The larger pumps have multi-vane impellers for maximum hydraulic efficiency and clog resistance.

Case Studies & White Papers

Circular stormwater pump station


Challenge One of the largest airports serving France required a stormwater treatment plant to handle the inflow from a large gravity sewer collecting water from the runways. Solution The pump station...

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Pump station with cleaning function


Challenge Eighteen Flygt pump stations transport wastewater at a popular recreational and amusement area in central Stockholm. One of the pump stations handles restaurant wastewater containing fats,...

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Expansion of a desalination plant


Challenge One of Australia’s largest cities was running short of fresh water and needed a major expansion of its desalination facility. One hurdle was to transfer the seawater to the plant. A new...

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Sewage and stormwater pump stations


Challenge The revival of one of Britain’s largest commercially unexploited land areas called for multi-phase construction of two large pump stations. One pump station was to provide drainage for a...

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Large capacity circular wet well


Challenge Very deep, large capacity and limited footprint: these are common demands by customers for their pump stations designs. Recently, two such pump stations were needed in the US. Solution The...

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Circular wastewater lift station


Challenge A 54,000-acre service area in a major city in Texas required assistance to handle a projected 50% increase in population and subsequent increase in wastewater processing demands. Solution...

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