WTW LR 925/01 IDS Conductivity Electrode

LR 925/01, LR 925/01-P
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WTW LR 925/01 IDS Conductivity Electrode is an intelligent digital 4-pole cell with integral temperature sensor and flowthrough cell D 01/T for measuring of low conductivity values (<1µS/cm) e.g. in boiler feed water or ion exchange water.

Product Features
  • IDS conductivity measurement in low conducting samples and pure-water
  • Proven two-electrode technology
  • Automatic transfer of cell constant and temperature compensation
  • Main application measueremnt of ultra pure water

Automatical transfer of the cell constant. Cable length 1.5 metres. Min./max. immersion depth 35/110mm and flow through measurement. Measuring range: 0.01µS/cm to 200µS/cm.

Available Versions

  • LR 925/01: 1.5 m fixed cable with waterproof digital connector
  • LR 925/01-P: plug head for AS/IDS-x cables or wireless modules IDS WLM-S
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools