Shower Drain Kits Rule 800 GPH Shower Drain Box

98B, 98B-24
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Product Features
  • Powerful 800 GPH — High capacity pump to cope with incoming grey water
  • Sealed poly-carbonate lid — Tough impact resistant material with gasket to prevent water splash
  • Fast Fix System — Lid, pump, filter and float switch can be removed and serviced without tools
  • 3/4" discharge
  • Threaded Inlet Port Fittings — Improves installation by offering several combinations of port fittings including 3/4" (19mm),1" (25mm), 1-1/8" (29mm), straight and 90º elbow fittings
  • Simple Installation — Easy access side rails plus additional rear bracket option
  • Back Flow Prevention — Reduces the amount of water that can siphon back to shower box

Our shower drain box provides ultimate pumping performance, which helps keep your boat clear of nuisance water, building on the genuine Rule design.

Rigorous engineering and testing helped generate the latest series of Rule automatic shower and sink drain systems. Our products are tested to the highest standard, providing better efficiency for the toughest applications.

The Rule shower drain systems have been designed to meet the needs of installers and end users. As well as reliable, fully automatic operation, the new Rule shower box is simple to install, has a sealed clip-on lid to prevent unwanted water splash and is fully serviceable without the need for any tools.



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