Gandia: Remote metering and transferring water-consumption data

Town of Gandia

Gandia, Spain

The Town of Gandia deploys Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua and Meter Data Analytics to achieve annual water savings of more than 132M gallons.

Project Objective 

Transform the town of Gandia, one of the largest coastal towns in Spain, wanted to continue the digital transformation of its water management services through the implementation of remote metering and the transfer of water consumption data.

Project Details

After deploying 40,000 smart meters across the city, the Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua platform and the Meter Data Analytics application centralized the management of the resulting data, using algorithmic processing to define consumption patterns, predict demand, and build value-added services. Technical and process training for utility operators was also conducted as part of this project.


As a result, the town of Gandía now has real-time control of customer consumption and a sustainable method for resource management. This has resulted in annual water savings of more than 132M gallons (.5 hm³), including wastewater, and a reduction in energy consumption during the water extraction and treatment process.