Xylem helps Italian Winery toast success

Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine Winery

Verona, Italy

Xylem helps Italian Winery toast success.jpg

A case study on the Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine Winery, Verona

Italian wine is enjoyed by many all over the world. However, to grow the best grapes, develop the best flavour and ensure success on a global scale, a seamless production process needs to be in place behind the scenes.

The family-run Pasqua Winery in Verona, Northern Italy, has been making wine for over 90 years. When it needed to expand its water system but ensure the same level of reliability and performance on a larger scale, it turned to Xylem Water Solutions Italia toprovide a solution.

The Winery produces over 15 million bottles of wine per year. Given the importance of a solid and fully-functioning water system to the Winery’s production plans, Xylem had to ensure that the new system was installed smoothly and did not impact on production. Xylem was required to bolster the Winery’s existing system, which already made use of Xylem’s Lowara products, with the installation of a Lowara GHV30 booster set.

“For Xylem, the key challenge was to ensure a seamless integration between the existing and the new system given the different applications and components.”

The Lowara booster set was chosen as it was able to provide a two-fold use to the Winery. Primarily it takes the water from the Winery’s existing water system and pressurises it in an osmotisation system so it can be used in the wine production process.

Secondly, the Lowara GHV30 supports the water system by ensuring that the ‘scrap water’, a by-product of the osmotisation process, is removed from the wine production system and diverted into three different silos. The ‘scrap water’ is then suitable for redistribution around the Winery and can be used for crop irrigation or within the company’s machine washing facilities.

The booster set also ensures the continuity of the water flow through the Winery, as well as offering the ability for variable speed control to meet the changing demands of the production line.

Stefano Pitto, Product Manager Booster Sets Xylem AWS EMEA, said:

“As we had already supplied a series of products for the Winery’s water systems in the past, it was important for us to be able to ensure the same high quality standards were followed, and that the product, once installed, had a noticeably positive effect on the overall running of the Winery.”

He continues:

“The Winery expected a significant degree of quality and reliability given the standard of our previous work and they were very pleased with the overall outcome. The new integrated system offers them more control over their production process, ultimately helping improve their overall output.”