Marine Construction

One of the biggest challenges facing the marine industry is products, including dewatering pumps. You need to work with a partner that can ensure that product support for the equipment is available wherever your marine construction project or vessel is physically located, not necessarily where the pumps were originally installed. This requires a global, reliable and experienced partner like Xylem. Xylem's global footprint simplifies service with a dedicated team ready to act quickly to minimize any impact on your operations. We can support our products wherever you are - not where they were purchased.

You can leverage our team to design, install and maintain your portable pumping equipment, wherever it’s needed most. With Xylem, you:

  • Have the right equipment for the job. With a broad portfolio of pumps and related equipment, no one offers a wider selection than Xylem. For your convenience, we offer rental and purchase options.
  • Have a reliable system that works. Because we design and build our own equipment, we understand how it works best and create systems to match our equipment to the needs of the marine industry.
  • Have a support team committed to your safety and success. The experienced Xylem team provides turnkey services, including design, installation and equipment service. We are there every step of the shipment process.

For all your marine construction and water transfer applications, Xylem has a team and pumps ready for you.

Xylem will be there for you 

Even with quality products from Xylem, you may have the need for parts, a replacement pump or extra capacity, and our global team is just a phone call away. Make sure you demand the service that you deserve, whether it's around the corner or on the other side of the world. We believe that it starts with a quality product, but we provide the service you need to maintain ongoing operations.

Whether it’s a simple project or complex process, our marine industry application experts will assess your operations and then identify the right solution for your application. With a sales and support network spanning the globe, help is always close with

  • Xylem. Whether you need help with:
  • Barge Ballasting
  • Emergency Floodwater Drainage
  • Jetting
  • Temporary Fire Pumps
  • Vessel Dewatering

Xylem's global support is unchallenged in the market place. Whether you need spare parts, rental products, factory-backed warranty evaluations, or product training, you can rely on us. We give you confidence to efficiently manage your marine operations. Whatever port you call home, you can count on Xylem to be there.

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