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Digital IQ sensor for wastewater treatment plants, connectable to the IQ SENSOR NET
TetraCon® 700 IQ – digital 4 electrode conductivity measuring cell with flow-free operation, especially with high conductivity:

  • Very large measuring range from 10 µS/cm … 500 mS/cm
  • Highest linearity and very insensitive against contamination by 4-electrode system
  • Rapid temperature compensation by integrated temperature sensor

This measuring technique has proven itself over the years and offers an interference-free operation, also and foremost at high conductivity values. The 4-electrode measuring cell is very insensitive to contamination. Based on the pressure resistance of up to 10 bars, there is nothing to stop you from mounting into pipes or on lines.

The sea water model includes the sensor for use in special media: All wetted parts are made of titanium and plastic and are therefore extremely resistant to corrosion.

SKU: 302500 - TetraCon® 700 IQ sensor for Conductivity
SKU: 302501 - TetraCon® 700 IQ SW - like 700 IQ, but sea water version


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools