ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth

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Product Features
  • ProSwap 1-port cable with temperature sensor
  • Compatible with ProSwap and ProDSS handheld meters
  • NOT compatible with ProSolo

With lengths ranging from 1 to 100 meters and 2.54 cm diameter, the ProSwap cable meets the needs of most water quality sampling applications. The ProSwap cable accommodates any single ProDSS digital smart sensor including:

  • Conductivity/Temperature
  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • PH/ORP
  • Turbidity
  • Total Algae-PC (Phycocyanin + Chlorophyll)
  • Total Algae-PE (Phycoerythrin + Chlorophyll)
  • Ammonium ISE
  • Chloride ISE
  • Nitrate ISE

Calibration information is saved in each smart sensor for an easy plug-and-play experience. Connect to a ProSwap or ProDSS handheld meter via the twist-lock MS connector to form a complete system.

All ProSwap cables have a thermistor built-into the bulkhead for supplemental temperature readings and compensation. Additionally, an optional depth module is built-into the probe assembly.

Cables include a non-reflective black plastic probe guard, storage sleeve, sponge, graduated cylinder for calibration, and maintenance kit (port plug, spare o-rings, tube of Krytox lubricant, syringe for depth sensor cleaning, and sensor installation/removal tool). A 4.9 oz weight and cable management kit is included with cables 4 meters and longer.

SKU: 626750-1 - ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth, 1m
SKU: 626750-4 - ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth, 4m
SKU: 626750-10 - ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth, 10m
SKU: 626750-20 - ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth, 20m
SKU: 626750-30 - ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth, 30m
SKU: 626750-50 - ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth, 50m
SKU: 626750-100 - ProSwap Cable Assembly, No Depth, 100m

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools