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EXO GO wireless communication device uses Bluetooth to connect any Windows OS device to a submerged EXO Sonde.

NOTICE: Pending certifications for Brazil, China, Mexico and South Korea. Shipping to these countries currently unavailable.

Product Features
  • Keep your sonde in the water while you view your data in real-time,
    download files, or adjust deployment settings on the GO!
  • Bring the full power of KorEXO to your site with any Windows OS portable device!
  • Do more sampling with our long-lasting, rechargeable battery - lasts for up to 15 hours!


EXO GO opens a Bluetooth®  portal between any Windows OS device and a submerged EXO Sonde.

The portability of EXO GO frees up your hands in the field. On-the-spot GPS coordinates and barometric pressure are viewed through the newest KorEXO Software running on both laptops and tablets. The device is IP-67 rated and highly ruggedized to withstand drops, drips, and dunks!

EXO Sonde Options

• EXO1 sonde has 4 ports and a smaller diameter
• EXO2 sonde has 7 ports for the ultimate monitoring platform
• EXO3 sonde has 5 ports for a lower cost option using the central wiper
• EXO2s sonde offers the same features as the EXO2, but without the battery compartment

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools